New website and blog….

A new website and a new blog!

For many years I have had all the will in the world to write a blog and it never came to fruition. How do I start? What do I write? Who will want to read what I have to say? Will it be totally boring? (see photo).

So now I have my lovely new website I am putting fingers to keyboard and am just going to write stuff about the place I have been living in for the last fifteen years. The people, culture, music, recipes, animals, places and horses of course, all the things I see everyday, that I now take for granted. I am going to reopen my eyes to everything and see it all again as those fresh eyes that saw every single thing as new and exciting all those years ago. Expect to see a mix of a bit of everything here and I hope to have a blog in a few years which documents the life here in Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine.

I will keep this post short as I am now working on my very first article so fingers crossed someone out there finds it!!

Photo credit: Chris Mattison

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